About us

HotelQuando.com is the first and only global platform for online hotel reservations that allows the user to book a room for 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours at a fair price. You also decide at what time you would like to enter the hotel.

For those who travel

  • Make your own agenda
  • Pay only what you need

For bussiness

  • Reduce 20-30% accommodation expenses

For the hotels

  • Get the most of each room

When booking?

  • To wait for a flight or appointment
  • To spend only 1 night
  • To come earlier or leave later
  • To take a shower
In your own city
  • To spend the night away from home
  • To dinner and sleep away from home
  • To take a shower when you're away from home
  • To enjoy the Spa, pool, gym
Hours of Hotel When you want!